Corgi On Fleek Genuine Leather Valet Tray [Special Limited Edition]

Corgi On Fleek Genuine Leather Valet Tray [Special Limited Edition]

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This handsome, yet playful, one-of-a-kind genuine leather catchall tray will help keep your life organized. The interior features white faux leather printed with Gatsby's signature poses; the tray's exterior features brown genuine leather. 

Includes Corgi Butt Acrylic Keychain to go in your key tray!

From dog treats to coins to keys to earrings, this tray provides storage in the entryway, on your dresser, at your desk, or wherever you need it.

  • High quality hardware snaps in the 4 corners
  • Large enough to contain everything from watches, jewelry, keys, coins, earbuds, candy, dice, dog treats, and countless other items
  • Roughly 8.25*8.25 inches when unsnapped; 6.25*6.25 inches when snapped 
  • Easily and conveniently folds flat for travel, storage, or cleaning
  • Faux leather interior (can be cleaned with a damp cloth)
  • Base is made from genuine leather

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