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Oh my god, it's Gatsby!! Got my Corgi on Fleek calender! @vlogaftercollege #gatsbythecorgi #corgionfleek #vlogaftercollege

A photo posted by Kirstie Holmes (@serendipideee) on

The one i look up to, my role model gatsby! #vlogaftercollege #gatsbythecorgi #corgionfleek

A photo posted by corbiexcorgi (@corbiexcorgi) on

Jacksons favorite picture of Gatsby in the Corgi On Fleek Calendar 🐾

A photo posted by jackypoo🔑🌊 (@jacksonswaim) on

Exciting mail day! My #corgionfleek calendar came! ❤️

A photo posted by April Gallaway (@mrsaprilgal) on

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